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 Welcome to Classic American Car Sales

Wow, what a year 2020 has been, Brexit, Covid….things are in quite a muddle, folks are losing loved ones, people can’t travel, shows are closed, events called off….It has been quite a journey for us all. I do hope 2021 is a transitional year where things start returning back to normal and folks can get back to regularly seeing loved ones, travelling and enjoying all the hobbies they love, including classic cars of course

Since 2015 I have been importing and selling 1965-1968 Mustang Fastbacks, coupes, convertibles. Recently I have decided, after selling  nearly 200 Mustangs and other classic cars, to specialise in just Mustang Fastbacks and maybe just a few choice convertibles when they turn up. It was primarily a decision based on demand (The coupe market in the UK is well stocked with folks importing and selling them) as well as my parts supply. I can fairly easily pull out of stock or get nearly any part needed to repair a Mustang that we have. When I try to do other car types it just becomes more difficult. We have done a Willys Jeep, a Charger, Challengers, Corvettes, an Impala, a Galaxie and a few Harleys, But we keep coming back to the core cars. Mustangs

I am Peter Cavallo, a US expat living in Essex since 2005, with a life long passion for classic cars and Mustangs in particular. While Growing up in the USA, my parents always had a few 65 or 66 Mustang convertibles in the garage and my father’s appetite for buying classic cars has continued to this current day. This love of classic cars and classic Mustangs in particular certainly influenced me and I now have an insatiable appetite for searching out and purchasing classic Mustangs in the USA.

After a major career change circa 2015, I decided to set up Classicamericancarsales.co.uk in order to bring top quality Mustangs to discerning customers in the UK and Mainland Europe. Over the years my cars have been sent to Portugal, France, Spain, Malta and Germany and of course closer to home, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Peter’s current stable of personal cars include a 1966 Shelby GT350 and a 1967 Shelby GT350 clone as well as a very recently purchased 1968 Fastback Bullitt. My wife Louise also thoroughly enjoys her 1972 MG convertible her 1952 MG TD which brings a smile to her face when she drives them.

As with any business we are only as good as our suppliers. Ron Fenton of STS imports does all of our importing, Chris of Back to life Cars Chelmsford and Danny of Chapel Hill Garage Braintree do our mechanical work, Spray Shack Braintree do most of our paint work. We have select hauliers who we work with as well who do a fine job moving our cars from the port to our shop and also delivering our cars around the UK and mainland Europe.

One of my sayings is that “if we find it we sort it” and that means when we look over a car (other than projects and even those we tend to improve)  if there is something damaged or broken, rusty or non functional then we fix it. We don’t sweep issues (and all these cars have issues) under the carpet. We find the issue, order the parts and do the work. It is the only way we know how.

Regards: Peter Cavallo