Classic Ford Mustang, Camaro and American Car Sales

We are We specialise in Mustang Fastback, Mustang coupe and Mustang convertible models from 1965-1968. We locate, purchase and import Mustangs from the USA and bring them to the UK to be prepared for sale. We believe we are the UKs largest stockist of Mustang Fastback models. Our stock is here in the UK or shipping to the UK. We like to have 15-20 Mustang Fastback models for you to look at when you visit our Essex showroom. We specialise in 1965 through 1968 Mustang Fastbacks only

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We are individually, Peter Cavallo and Ron Fenton, long term classic car enthusiasts who locate, import, prepare and sell classic American muscle cars in South East England. Classic American Car Sales is located near Braintree, Essex. Our shop features a fully equipped garage with two lifts and a group of classic car enthusiasts whose one goal is to assist you in realising your dream of American car ownership. We have sold cars to Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, Germany, Back to the USA and of course all over the United Kingdom

Peter and Ron search out only the best quality classic Mustangs and Camaros in the United States in order to bring them to the UK for our customers. Peter also makes several buying trips a year to the USA .  We are looking specifically for clean and solid Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, Chargers, and vintage pickup trucks and we also have many car locators who know we are quick purchasers of excellent quality vehicles that they locate for us. These guys go to local shows and let us know the moment they find a stunner for sale. Our instant payment for such cars gives us first crack at purchasing many cars that never reach the open market in the USA.

When we are able to locate good quality projects we like to import them as well. When we bring in good projects. We don’t import rust buckets and call them what they are not. We only bring in projects that make financial sense for the next owner to finish and enjoy. The last thing we want is our customers under a car welding for three years, We want them enjoying their purchase and flying the flag for us. We only like to bring in cars that need a restoration to be usable rather than wrecks which need everything done.  These sort of projects are getting extremely hard to find and we won’t bring in disasters which would only cause heartache for a person who wants to build one themselves.

We look forward to your call or visit to our shop. We try and keep 15-20 cars in stock at all times which currently include a great selection of 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968 Mustangs, 67-69 Camaros and other classic American cars

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